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We believe in person-centred care for adults with dementia.

Encouraging and empowering residents to be individuals, to be active and involved, and to retain interests and hobbies as far as possible.

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Welcome to Pinnacle Care Ltd.

Family owned and run since 1987.  

Pinnacle Care provides respite as well as long-term care for people living with dementia on a day care or residential basis.

Based from its head office at Wolston Grange, near Rugby, Warwickshire, Pinnacle Care is family owned and runs dementia care facilities at six locations in and around Rugby.

Two care homes, Elmhurst and Wolston Grange, also provide services for people with early- or young-onset dementia, predominantly with Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome and acquired brain injury.

Specialist Staff

Staff are continuously trained and developed, not only in delivering specialist dementia care, but also in the Pinnacle Care philosophy of respecting residents' wishes, routines and way of life as far as possible. This achieves improvements in residents' quality of life and contentment.

By understanding the importance of maintaining dignity and respect of residents at all times, Pinnacle Care staff aim to provide a warm and friendly environment that encourages activity and stimulation.


Residents have the freedom to go outside, or anywhere within the facilities, except private bedrooms, including the kitchen/s.  Residents are accompanied when required. There are unrestricted visiting arrangements and access to cordless telephones.

Activities and Stimulation

There are planned activities on-site each day as well as special events and outings. Residents can choose to participate or are assisted to do as they wish.

Freshly Prepared Food

Meals and snacks are freshly prepared each day on-site with ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Residents can also shop for and prepare their own food if they choose.

Living Space

Small pets are allowed and residents are encouraged to personalise their own living space to promote a familiar environment. All facilities have visiting ancillary services including; hairdresser, optician, doctor, dentist, chiropodists and fitness instructors.

This site is our 'Group Head Office' site, and provides information that applies to all of our care homes.  Each care home also has its own website including image galleries and direct contact details, links to individual websites are available here: Our Care Homes.

Thank you for taking time to visit us, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.