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COVID-19 Visiting Procedure

21st Sep 2020

Due to changes in national and local guidance our visiting procedure has been reviewed and amended; this supersedes the previous document.

  • The resident and potential arrangements for visiting must be risk assessed. If there is any reason that the risk is not deemed low, other options must be looked at before visiting can take place.
  • The number of visitors is limited to one constant visitor, no other family are able to visit.
  • There are limited appointments each week and these must be arranged in advance. Please phone the home to arrange either a drive by or window visit. If you do not arrive at the time arranged, the visit may be cancelled.
  • When visitors phone to book the appointment they will be informed of how a drive by or window visit is facilitated.
  • Visits are 45 minutes or less.
  • Visitors are informedabout what to expect when they see their loved one and practical advice related to wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) if required. A mask will be provided if necessary and must be worn at all times.
  • The visitor should not leave their transport but must phone the home when they arrive to notify them they are there.
  • Visits in exceptional circumstances may take place outside, in a designated area, usually with a barrier such as fence or table between visitor and resident and always a minimum of two metres apart.
  • The visitor will be asked to use hand sanitiser at a table near to where the visit will take place, a mask and a small plastic bag will also be left here. The visitor will be asked to put the mask on before the visit. A member of staff will then take the visitors temperature and ask screening questions.
  • For track and trace visitors will be asked to leave address and telephone details if these are not held on file.
  • At the end of the visit, the visitor should use hand sanitiser before removing the mask and placing in the plastic bag, this must then be tied and left for staff.
  • Anyone who is showing symptoms of coronavirus (a new continuous cough, loss of taste or smell or a high temperature) should not visit for at least 10 days from onset, even if these symptoms are mild or intermittent, due to the risk they pose to others.
  • Anyone who has been around someone who has tested positive or has symptoms should not visit for at least 10 days from contact.
  • Minimise contact with other residents and staff. (Less than 15 minutes / 2 metres apart). Please leave your transport to go directly to the designated area and then return to your transport using the quickest means.


If more than one visitor arrives and this hasn’t been agreed the visit may be cancelled.


Rights and responsibilities


Care providers have the right to:

Visitors have the right to:

Mitigate risk of infection by refusing entry to their home to anyone, or requesting that a person leave the premises, for any justifiable reason consistent with this protocol.

Access care homes in accordance with the entry requirements set out in the visiting policy of the care setting.

Consider increased visitor restrictions when an outbreak (including non-COVID-19) occurs within the home, or declared outbreak / clusters have occurred within the home’s local area or if there are other extraordinary circumstances that require it, and usage of such circumstances will be closely monitored.

Be notified by timely and regular updates and information about what is happening in the home, in relation to visiting and local COVID-19 prevalence and transmission risk.


Be provided and supported with additional ways to connect such as video conference or telephone calls in addition to a limited number of in-person visits.


This protocol includes a set of rights and responsibilities for both care providers and visitors which put the welfare and wellbeing of residents/ people receiving care at the heart of the approach to developing their visiting policies.



Care providers have a responsibility to:

Visitors have a responsibility to:

Follow Government and local Director of Public Health guidance, including guidance on visitors.



Provide a clear policy and information on how they will facilitate visitors, using a dynamic risk-based approach, and make this publicly available as needed.

Follow the home’s visiting policy and Visitor Code, including booking in advance.

Provide clear information about how the visit will work and the infection control measures that must be followed.

Not to visit when unwell or displaying any signs of a cold/flu, respiratory or COVID-19 symptoms.

Appropriately support staff in order to facilitate visits including written processes and procedures.

Respond truthfully to COVID-19 screening questions asked by staff and to sign the checklist / visitor.

Treat all visitors with respect and courtesy, and to provide clear instructions about the visiting policy

Treat all staff with respect and courtesy, and to follow their instructions on the visitor policy.

Proactive communication with residents and families where an outbreak occurs, and the impact on the visiting policy.

Follow visiting requirements including, infection and prevention control measures such as washing hands, use of visiting windows, remaining in designated areas and social distancing requirements – as directed by the care home staff, and provision of contact details to support NHS Test and Trace – and that failure to do so may affect the future ability to visit.

More information about visiting protocol can be found below:

Care Provider Alliance


First Publication 01/06/20

Latest Update 21/09/20




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